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Some days you're the bug...

August 14, 2018

Today I was mowing our out-of-control, overgrown paddocks. 




It was my decision to let the paddocks grow free for the summer.... that was a terrible idea.  All kinds of weeks grow faster than the grass I was hoping for; worst of all, there is a vast ecosystem one destroys while mowing tall grass (and a sh*T ton of weeds.)  


As I was mowing over MANY species homes, I felt particularly bad for mowing over the HUGE grasshoppers.  They are big.  


SO.... as I was mowing, I would go slower, and even backup to allow the grasshoppers and praying mantis fly away.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?!?!?!  




TWO BIG birds used this as a buffet of grasshoppers.  These beautiful birds started swooping in and catching the grasshoppers I was trying to save.  The birds had a great day. 


Some days you're the bug, other days the bird.  =) 


For more info on these beautiful birds:  https://www.audubon.org/field-guide/bird/mississippi-kite


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